Friday, April 27, 2007

New Heim Propulsion Paper

A new paper on Heim Theory for spacecraft propulsion was just posted this week by Walter Dröscher, Heim's protégé. Heim theory is one the many, many concepts for gravitational-electromagnetic force unification. However, it has the important prediction that spinning certain superconducting magnets at sufficient angular acceleration will produce an artificial gravitational field. Tajmar et al. showed last year that this effect may actually occur, though their configuration appeared (with heavy noise) to produce an azimuthal field. The new paper suggests a technique to produce a field normal to the axis of rotation, mean that you could actually propel a spacecraft with it. Needless to say, such a reactionless/propellantless propulsion would be quite revolutionary. Now somebody just has to try Dröscher's experiment...

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